Maretzky Lab UIowa

About 80% of older adults have one chronic disease condition, and 50% have at least two such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, progressive dementia, or connective tissue disorders. Our laboratory is investigating novel signaling pathways in chronic diseases, with a specific focus on inflammation-associated diseases.

Research Interests Include:

Studying the physiological relevance of the iRhom2/TACE signaling axis in the induction of inflammatory processes and characterizing the role of iRhom2/TACE in tissue degeneration and regeneration.

  • Innate immune system
  • Inflammation
  • Host-Pathogen Interaction
  • iRhoms in disease and development
  • A Disintegrin and metalloprotease activation and regulation

Our laboratory uses a wide range of experimental techniques including molecular biology, protein chemistry, immunocytochemistry, cell culture, live-cell imaging, animal modeling , and computational systems biology analyses. 

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